• The latest chip and large angle: Orein Smart E14 uses the latest and most advanced chip and fast heat dissipation made of fireproof aviation aluminium material and smaller heat sink, the connection is more stable and the light emission surface is larger, the light speed angle is 260°.
  • 【Free App & Group Control】This WiFi E14 bulb currently supports only 2.4 GHz WiFi, download the free AiDot app and define your bulb via the AiDot app, choose your preferred scene mode or colour and adjust the brightness and set the schedule, group bulbs and control different bulbs with a touch. .
  • Intelligent voice control: our E14 LED intelligent Alexa bulb can easily achieve the popular, convenient and personalised voice control via the corresponding intelligent voice device by connecting it to Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. Make the whole house intelligent, really free your hands and enjoy a colourful and comfortable life!
  • RGB+WW+CW: RGBCW is an updated version of RGBW with superior colour performance. OREiN RGBCW LED E14 smart bulbs offer over 16 million vibrant colours and are 3%-100% dimmable from warm white to cool white (1800K-6500K). Our smart bulbs have a high CRI of 90+ and high colour quality, 8.5W equivalent to 60W brightness (save up to 85% energy). The service life is about 25,000 hours.
  • Music rhythm: this intelligent E14 bulb with music rhythm function is particularly suitable for creating ambience. You can also adjust different modes and speeds to easily create a variety of thematic atmospheres: such as Christmas, birthday, party, Halloween, etc., the desired effect is entirely up to you.
  • Circadian rhythm: OREiN intelligent bulb simulates the entire spectrum of sunlight by setting "My Circadian Rhythm" in the AiDot app to improve mood, eliminate fatigue, improve concentration, improve sleep etc., so you can improve work efficiency and quality of life.
  • Wide compatibility: OREiN high-quality smart home WiFi LED E14 RGBCW bulbs can also work with IFTTT/Alexa/Google Home/Siri/SmartThings and the future matter etc. after they have been connected to our free AiDot app. (Note: Not compatible with Smart Life.)
  • Wide applications: OREiN LED E14 candle bulb has been specially developed for indoor use and is the perfect addition and decoration for your living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc.


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Why choose OREiN Smart LED Candle E14 Bulbs?

1. OREiN has 21 years experience in manufacturing factory lighting. Whether it is the production of bulbs or the light color, quality and product upgrades can be guaranteed.

2. Supports multiple working methods: IFTTT, Google Assistant, Alexa, SmartThings, Siri, etc. (Note: Not compatible with Smart Life.)

3. We have all the functions available on the market: multiple scene modes, adjustable brightness and colour changing, schedule, voice control, etc.

Base Type E14
Housing Material PA
Cover Material PC
Dimmable RGB+WW+CW, 3%-100% adjustment
Operating environment temperature -20°C ~ 40°C
Lamp life 25000H
Supply voltage: 220 ~ 240 V
Indoor connection range 30 m

Fastest connection installation steps

1. Open the AppGallery on your smartphone → enter "AiDot" in the AppGallery and download it.

2. Open the "AiDot" app →register with an email address →Go to the email mailbox to find "AiDot→activate registration→log in to our "AiDot" app.

3. Click on "+, add device" → click on "Close" (turn on "Bluetooth and location", the device will be displayed quickly)

4. Tap our bulb device → click on "Next Step" → "Select Wi-Fi Network" (Generally done within 3 to 120 seconds, depending on the number of devices. At this step, you can also turn on "Personal Hotspot" and if you do not have a "WiFi network")

5. The device has been successfully added, then back to the home → click on the newly added device → start to test our bulb. (If the product does not have the expected effect, please click on the device→ "Device Settings" → Update " Firmware Version" to the latest version.

6. Finally lots of fun!

Location‎Indoor use only
Control MethodApp Control, Voice Control
Special FeaturesColor Changing, Tunable White,Dimmable, Music Sync, Works with Alexa Google Home, APP & Voice WIFI Control
Light SourceLED
Product Dimension(cm)3.8*3.8*11
Product Weight(kg)0.033
Package Dimension(cm)16.5*12*4.4
Package Weight(kg)0.178

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