• Beautiful elegant decoration: the unique mountain shape looks beautiful and fresh, and the integrated 6 movable and static lighting modes for RGB atmosphere are very suitable for bedroom, living room, desk and other ambient decorations.
  • Movable and quiet RGB ambient light: white noise with 6 light modes: 1 night light (brightness adjustable), 2 landscape painting (with meditation sound), wave (with sea wave sound), 4 forest (with the sound of bird calls and running water), 5 sunset (36-10 lm light changing), 6 light off (②③④ with RGB light effects. and scene that Tone can be switched off by the 0.5), very suitable for creating an atmosphere, bring colour and beauty to life and work.
  • Night light that gives your baby a sense of safety: press long in night light mode to adjust the brightness. The brightness can reach 36 lumens, which is very suitable as a night light for babies, especially suitable for the mothers and family who need this to get up at night to feed their babies!
  • Helps you sleep well: 6 classic white sounds (fan, camp fire, meditation, sea waves, white noise, rain) can help you isolate outside noise and calm your mood; and 3-speed timer (30, 60, 90 minutes) allows you to automatically turn off this sound machine according to your family's sleep habits, which saves time and effort.
  • Great gift for family and friends: our unique and refined white noise device with night light is portable, it is a powerful combination of beautiful white noise, RGB lighting and adjustable night light, suitable for all types of places and people, it is the first choice for all kinds of lively celebrations: such as birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, New Year gifts, graduation gifts and much more


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OREiN - Illuminate for a Better Life

After ten years of technology accumulation and channel sales in the LED lighting, we are gradually approaching our ideals - Everyone can enjoy healthier and smarter lighting.

Meet OREiN lights for people who Craving Bright !

white noise machine

OREiN White Noise Machine with Adjustable Night Light & Timer & Memory Function

OREiN Sleep Sound Machine will give you and your family a better sleep with a perfect sleeping environment. Far away from sub-health, create a healthy lifestyle with the one you loved!


  • Exceptional Design: OREiN white noise machine is inspired by glaciers floating in the sea. The delicate texture of the inner mountain-shaped makes the suffused light, and the transparent material features the ice-like crystal clear texture.
  • White Noise Machine: 6 soothing sounds included Fan, Fire, Meditation, Ocean, White Noise, Rain. Let the bird song from the forest wake you up, the sea and waves make you fall asleep slowly, and the dawn and sunset will accompany you.
  • 5 Unique Light Modes: include dimmable warm night light, Landscape Painting, Ocean, Forest and Sunset mode, providing you the colorful night nursing and refined listening experience any time.
  • 3 Auto-off Timer Options: Enjoy a whole night’s sleep without having to wake up midway to turn off the white noise machine after setting a timer 30/60/90 min.
  • Memory Function: Auto restore the previous volume, sound and time. Don’t need to set your sound and volume every time you use it.
  • Portable & Rechargeable: Easy to access power as it can be powered by AC or any common USB port. Take it wherever you want to go.


sound machine

For Relaxing and Concentration

OREiN sound machine provides the most relaxing experience possible for yoga or meditation, which is also effective for noise canceling while you're studying or working, boosting your focus and efficiency.

Powered by USB or battery

Come with a USB cable and a rechargeable battery in it. (Do Not include adapter)

Just plug the USB cable to computer or power bank to use and charge the battery in it. Put anywhere you want without worrying running out of power.

OREiN sleep machine will last up to 2h working cordless with the sound & light, and it will last up 16h working cordless with the sound. Fully charged in 2 hours!

NOTE: There is the sound to alert you that it need to be charged when the battery is below 15%.

LocationBedroom/ Living Room
Control MethodButton Control
Special Features‎Energy Efficient, Adjustable Color Temperature, Dimmable
Light SourceLED
Product Dimension(cm)12.8x 12.8 x 10
Product Weight(kg)0.3
Package Dimension(cm)15 x13.3 x13.3
Package Weight(kg)0.4

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