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Born from a professional lighting manufacturer with 20 years of designing and manufacturing experience, OREiN focused on building a more healthy and enjoyable lifestyle by upgrading the lighting environment for indoor and outdoor areas of your house.
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Partner Testimonial
William A. Nolan
Wish I had installed this fixture earlier!
I am an electrician to install this fixture in my garage and also installed several other LED fixtures at the same time. However, I am so amazed at the brightness compared to the light fixture that I had. So far, I'm pleased with the results and highly recommend this fixture.
Michelle C
Good quality amazing value
I am currently doing a remodel on my kitchen and the set of lights is exactly the kind of look I’m going for on my ceiling. I purchased this because it’s a set of 12 which is exactly what I’m going to put up and it was a very reasonable price. My contractor said it was a good purchase. Great quality and easy to install . I love that the lights can be changed to 5 different shades of white. They can be easily Dimmed if set up to a dimmer switch . It is perfect for seeing clearly the food that we’re cooking and preparing with the LED bright light. Since these were so easy to put up I might buy more for my other rooms.
Ravi Goka
Excellent product and outstanding customer service
We were thinking to upgrade to brighter lights in our home. One of my friend has referred this product. We have ordered this and was delivered in time. Package is intact and very high quality lights. I have installed all of them and it doesn't take much time to install. After a few days, one light bulb was burnt and I I have contacted the customer service for a replacement of one light. The customer service is very prompt and they sent me a replacement. What else!!! We are very happy and this product is outstanding. Definitely recommend this for an upgrade of light bulbs
Herman F Anez
Great product
I really like this style of light, and I have installed a lot of them in various places in my home and office. Installation is a breeze. You just use the right size hole saw, make the hole, wire them up, and snap them into place. As always, if you don't know what you are doing, get an electrician to help. LED light give you about 10x as much light as incandescent bulbs for the same wattage. Now, usually you have to decide what color you want when you order your light. The color of the light equates to temperature. These have a switch that lets you pick from 5 different colors. That is a great feature.
Beverly Shackelford
Easy and bright recessed LED lights
These are awesome recessed lights. They are super bright at 600 lumen each. They were very well packaged. The installation took only minutes and the instructions were very easy to follow. I definitely recommend installing a dimmer along with them for the optimal performance. They are very energy efficient and save up to 85 percent less than regular light bulbs. They use a standard 120 volt which is very convenient. I'm so happy with these lights. Very modern look to my new upgraded kitchen. Awesome price and value overall. Highly recommend
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