OREiN BR30 Smart WiFi LED Flood Light Bulbs 65W - RGBTW, 4 Pack

  • 【Sync Your Music】OREiN smart flood light bulb can change colors according to the music rhythm that will allow you to enjoy every beat. Party, dynamic or soft rhythm, depending on your preferences. Our BR30 smart bulbs can dance with the music you are playing by your device to create spectacular vibes at Halloween, Christmas. Lifespan of our WiFi LED bulbs can approximately last 25,000 hours.
  • 【RGBTW Smart Light Bulb】OREiN BR30 color changing light bulbs provide over 16 million colors and dimmable & bright enough white light from soft to cool (1800k-6500k). 7W equivalent to 65W brightness, saving consumption up to 85% without losing brightness(650LM) or color quality. OREiN wifi flood light stand out among many others due to our higher than average CRI. The warm white tones actually look like real incandescents!
  • 【Voice Control】Smart light bulbs that work with Alexa/ Google Home/ SmartThings, you could use Siri after setting up Siri Shortcuts in AIDOT app. Control your alexa light bulb to turn on/off, dim or adjust colors via simple voice commands. Ultra-simple Plug-n-Play setup. Really convenient to create ideal mood scenes! Only support 2.4GHz (Not suitable for use with standard wall dimmers).
  • 【Group Control & Timer】Program timers or schedule to automate your entire smart home lighting setup. Create a schedule for OREiN smart LED light bulbs according to your daily routine. Group control multiple LED bulbs with AiDot APP wherever you are, no need to worry about forgetting to turn off the light bulbs. Or you can set the wake up mode, schedule your smart bulb to slowly light up in the morning.
  • 【Circadian Rhythm】Customize your own lighting with vibrant colors and animated lighting effects via AiDot APP. Every color is dimmable and tunable, you can set your preference mode. Or you can set My Circadian, which will custom light intensity and CCT settings that match your daily basic. And you could search for the using problem in "Feedback" of the AiDot APP.


                                       OREiN - Illuminate for a Better Life

                                      OREiN Smart music sync light bulbs make your life more colorful!

                                      Our smart WiFi bulbs own 16 million colors and enable to change colors according to rhythm of music melody.

                                      Just choose one of 4 music sync modes, depending on your preferences or the music you are playing!

     More product functions that you can enjoy with AiDot APP! Your life will be more convenient and easier.

  • RGBTW- The RGB+ Warm white and White color. RGBTW provides a much purer white tone and will make the white light closer to natural light, and the cool white light of RGBTW will be brighter than RGBW or RGB.
  • Tunable white (1800K~6500K) lighting you can choose at will for daily life.
  • Group control multiple bulbs via AiDot App when you are away or home.
  • Schedule your bulbs to automatically turn ON/OFF as needed, such as wake you up.
  • Voice control make your life more convenient. OREiN smart led bulbs can work with Alexa/ Google Assistant/ SmartThings.
  • Sunrise & Sunset- Control your lights based on sunrise & sunset.
  • Vacation Mode- Simulating the lighting effects of someone at home.
  • My Circadian- Custom light intensity and CCT settings that match your daily basic.
  • External Environment- Set up automatic events based on external environment automation.

      Why Choose OREiN Smart Light Bulbs?

  • Power Memory: Memory brightness/color temperature of smart light bulb.
  • Energy-saving: RGBW led bulb saves over 85% energy.
  • Superior Light Quality: See truer and more brilliant colors in your home with an advanced Color Rendering Index (CRI) rating.
  • Over-temperature Protection: OREiN smart LED bulb will reduce the temperature by actively dimming the brightness in order to avoid product failure or abnormality when the working temperature exceeds the working range.

      Warm Tips


  1. It will keep flickering if the smart bulbs work with standard wall dimmers.
  2. Please use in Dry locations only!
  3. Reset the bulb: power “on-off” consecutively for 6 times to enter flash mode.
  4. Please confirm whether the WIFI password was entered correctly if the network cannot be connected.
  5. DO NOT use the switch to turn off the bulb, which will make the bulb to be offline. It is recommended to use the App to control the light.


Wattage 9W
Voltage 120V
CRI 90
Lumen 650lm
Location Indoor use only
Control Method Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa,‎IFTTT
Special Features Color Changing, Tunable White,Dimmable, Music Sync, Works with Alexa Google Home, APP & Voice WIFI Control
Light Source LED



Product Dimension (cm) 9.5*9.5*12.8
Product Weight (kg) 0.092
Product Dimension (cm) 16.8*16.8*15.8
Package Weight (kg) 0.58


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